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Data Import

We make it quick and easy to Data Importing from virtually any system, including Outlook, Google, vCards, Excel, and many of our CRM competitors. We also offer a simple web-to-leads API to collect leads from your website.

Three types of data imports

Data Import Types

Easily import three different types of data sets: People (also known as Contacts and Leads), Deals (also known as Opportunities), or Companies (also known as Accounts).

Import in bulk

Bulk Import

Upload any data set in bulk. You can bring in long lists from other CRMs or spreadsheets. This enables you to efficiently work your lists and get them into your deal flow.

Keep your data clean

Clean Data

NGRCRM scans your imports for redundant data. If we find multiple records with the same email address, we will pull those aside and let you know. We’ll also let you know if a certain record was not able to be imported and why.

Assign to one or many

Assign Data

Save time and eliminate data entry. Easily assign data to one or more individuals when you import. Delegate out those leads and let your team get to qualifying them right away.