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Chemicals companies are wrestling with major changes that will affect the way they do business. Industry consolidation, globalisation and e-business are just a few of the challenges that are impacting performance. Others include regulatory compliance; environmental, health and safety issues; an increasingly demanding customer base.

Chemicals companies must reduce costs, integrate their supply chains, improve performance and provide their customers with specialised services. We can help you both effectively respond to these and other challenges, while uncovering and exploiting new opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

Specific Services

Business Transformation

Business transformation is a key management initiative chemical companies use to align their technology initiatives with their business strategy and vision. Our Business Transformation solution provides business consulting, IT reengineering and application integration, business processes alignment, and real-time management reporting to companies struggling with “siloed” legacy systems that cannot respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Our Manufacturing Operations Management solution enables chemical companies to perform real-time planning and monitoring of manufacturing operations. It leverages real-time plant data and helps plant management by enabling rapid, flexible responses to production changes. It also reduces off-spec production, provides accurate delivery dates, and ensures customer satisfaction. We provide manufacturing operations management solutions through business consulting, packaged software implementation, application development, integration with enterprise systems (SAP, legacy), and plant control systems (PLC, DCS, SCADA).

Plant Asset Management

Our Plant Asset Management solution provides visibility on production reliability and equipment availability. We provide through business consulting, packaged software implementation, application development, integration with enterprise systems (SAP, legacy), and plant control systems (PLC, DCS, SCADA).

Global Spend Analytics

Our Spend Analytics solution for Global Sourcing enables companies to streamline sourcing by aggregating purchases, eliminating renegade purchases, increasing cost competitiveness, and improving the bottom-line. We deliver our Spend Analytics Solution through COTS products such as Ariba, Informatica, Trillium, and Zycus; ERP solutions such as SAP BW; custom-developed applications, application integration services with enterprise systems like SAP, Ariba, and legacy; and reporting systems such as Cognos and SAP BeX.

Real-Time Order Processing

Faster order processing and reduced inventory costs are integral to success in the fiercely competitive basic chemicals segment. Our Real-Time Sales Order Processing solution enables global chemical companies to reduce order processing cycle times and improve their revenue and bottom line. We provide these solutions through custom-built eBusiness applications, application integration services with ERP and legacy systems, and provide application support for mission-critical order processing, shipping, and invoicing systems.

Pricing Management

Our Price Management solution enables clients to maximize profit through better pricing by customer segmentation, geography, and demand cycles. The solution provides a comprehensive price management solution featuring seamless integration to transaction and analytical systems, and is supported by strong workflow and security co

Environment Health and Safety

Our Environment Health and Safety Management solution enables clients to establish a unified and integrated global Environment Health and Safety information management system, across geographies. We help clients improve employees’ work environment and productivity, share best practices, reduce healthcare and insurance costs, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Innovation Management

In Chemical industry, innovative research and development is key to new product offerings. Our Innovation Management solution captures product development knowledge in a user-friendly format and helps R&D professionals organize and track technical information. It also helps them improve the visibility of R&D information, archive knowledge, and provide a compliant workflow for the R&D community. Our solution reduces design-to-market cycle time, and helps chemical companies remain competitive. Innovation Management is provided through custom application development and application migration/reengineering, enabling the achievement of state-of-the-art document management standards.