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Consumer Goods and Services

Global consumer numbers are surging, as are new brands and shopping channels. To help consumer goods companies effectively serve emerging and mature markets, NGR brings efficient global operating models, processes that manage scale and complexity, and strategies to drive growth.

Specific Services

NGR helps consumer goods companies create market differentiation, reach emerging global markets and tap the ever-growing power of today's consumer. Consumer goods companies across the world are finding out that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in winning or retaining consumers. NGR recommends industry-leading skill sets, capabilities and services to engage and retain consumers. We offer a robust array of technology, management consulting and outsourcing solutions for the consumer goods industry. We help companies:

  • Create an insight-driven commercial space: We provide industry-centric capabilities and integrated services that enable innovation marketing to turn insights into action and increase sales and margins.
  • Increase the speed to customer: Our sourcing and procurement solutions, and an integrated service help optimize product delivery routes and loads. This saves time and costs.
  • Increase the global operating effectiveness through enterprise resource planning (ERP): MHR's ERP Solution allows faster, cost-efficient and less risky ERP-based business transformation programs that add significant value.
  • Streamline processes for constant improvements: We help companies leverage new information technology (IT) capabilities, such as cloud computing and advanced analytics, to lower costs and improve service levels.
  • Develop cosourcing, shared services and business process outsourcing (BPO) capabilities: Our standardized BPO services include finance and accounting, human resources, learning and procurement that help control costs, reduce risks, foster collaboration and increase transparency.