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Inventory Commitments and Allocations

NGRERP inventory management functionality manages inventory demand and assignment through the usage of inventory commitment and allocation. When sales orders are placed in NGRERP, available inventory can be committed to order line items. Then, as the date of order delivery approaches, the inventory allocation process ties specific physical inventory to order line items for warehouse pick, pack, and ship processing. The allocation process would also tie specific components, ingredients, and subassemblies to manufacturing work orders for production processing. NGRERP’s inventory management functional flexibility enables manufacturing and distribution organizations to define a series of business rules for inventory committing and allocation processing. Through this process, organizations can uniquely-define how they manage their inventories to provide outstanding customer service. 

Inventory Commitment and Allocation Highlights

  • Supports inventory committing to line items during sales order entry
  • Inventory allocation ties specific physical inventory to sales order line items and manufacturing work orders
  • Supports allocation by lot number and serial number
  • Supports configurable business rules to meet each organization's unique inventory management requirements
  • Supports immediate allocation of inventory to sales order line items through vendor receipts and manufacturing processes