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Purchase Orders

NGRERP's procurement functionality supports both the entry of manual purchase orders and the automatic generation of purchase orders from purchase requisitions. For multi-facility organizations, NGRERP's purchasing functionality can be used for centralized purchasing, facility-based purchasing, or as a combination of these methodologies. NGRERP supports purchase orders for stock and non-stock items, drop shipments, and outsourced assembly. NGRERP also supports blanket purchase orders and associated releases. Purchase orders, associated receipts, and vendor invoices enable three-way matching in NGRERP.

Purchase Order Highlights

  • Supports both manual entry of purchase orders and automatic generation of purchase orders from purchase requisitions
  • Each purchase order can have unlimited line items
  • Supports purchases of material, products, supplies, and services
  • Supports purchases of stock and non-stock items
  • Supports line item-specific delivery dates
  • Automatically flags past due deliveries and supports expediting and cancellation procedures
  • Maintains PO history information by item
  • Supports blanket purchase orders with releases
  • Requisitions can generate release against blanket purchase orders