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Intercompany Management

NGRERP seamlessly tracks and documents all material movement and generates all accounting entries associated with intercompany transfers. Intercompany transfers can be entered manually and generated automatically by establishing the internal supply chain within the organization. NGRERP tracks in-transit inventory from shipment to receipt to provide complete visibility during the transfer process. In addition, NGRERP monitors and tracks transfer pricing and creates all necessary intercompany financial transactions.

Intercompany Management Highlights

  • Supports consolidation of all plant information
  • Supports networked multi-plant requirements processing and centralized procurement
  • Supports consolidation of supply requirements across multiple sites within the time-phased requirements planning process (MRP, DRP, etc.)
  • Supports recognition of forecasted or planned interplant demand
  • Multi-plant availability and message review
  • Created intercompany supply orders
  • Supports transfer of supply orders for an item to another facility
  • Supports accounting of material and transfer costs in-transit between demand and supply locations
  • Supports accounting of site-specific product and location costs
  • Prioritizes the hierarchy for supplying facilities