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NGRERP supports EDI processing throughout the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes respectively. NGRERP supports common inbound transaction such as customer purchase orders and vendor invoices, and outbound transactions such as order acknowledgements, purchase orders, and invoices. NGRERP's EDI processing supports both internal warehouse processes and those performed via a third-party warehouse.

EDI integration is accomplished through a combination of NGRERP's internal mapping processes for data import and export in conjunction with the external EDI translation solution of the organization’s choice. In addition to being used for EDI transactions, these mapping processes are also used for legacy data migration and interfacing to external third-party systems and databases.

EDI Highlights

  • Supports standard inbound and outbound EDI transaction sets
  • Works in conjunction with a variety of EDI translation solutions
  • Capable of accommodating standard EDI transactions and customer-and industry-specific EDI requirements