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Customer Definition

In NGRERP, customers are defined at an order-from level with an unlimited number of associated ship-to and bill-to addresses. Each customer master record allows for a sales view of the account which can be used for prospecting and tracking sales-related data within CRM. Each record also provides default values for sales order entry while providing a repository of key sales and financial information. Customer accounts can be associated with a four-tiered hierarchy of customer groups used for pricing and reporting purposes. Accounts can also roll-up into corporate parents where multiple legal entities are owned by the same enterprise.

Customer Definition Highlights

  • Stores basic account information such as address, unlimited ship-to and bill-to addresses, and unlimited contacts and associated contact notes
  • Supports international addresses and phone numbers
  • Supports key customer financial data
  • Supports management of accounts and associated contacts from initial contact through initial sale and ongoing support
  • Tracks key customer sales and opportunity-related information
  • Supports online inquiries of comprehensive customer information for prospecting, sales, order entry, and customer service purposes