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Decision Support System

NGRERP includes a fully-integrated decision support system that provides robust executive information system functionality without the need for third-party solutions and associated data migration.

NGRERP allows users to select from a series of standard reports across all functional areas. Users can drill-down on the data in these reports across a series of data elements called dimensions. Dimensions can include elements such as organizations, products, customers, geography, and time with the data filtered based on the desired criteria. Data can be viewed in graphical and chart formats which can be modified by selecting the desired format. Reports and data can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation. 

NGRERP transactional data automatically feeds the decision support system and includes embedded structures such as customers, products, and the company’s organization. NGRERP provides information to all levels of management and knowledge workers and ensures that users throughout the organization see the same information at any given point in time. This provides the overall organization a single version of the truth.