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Web Experience

Anticipate, simplify, engage

Face it 

It's not just your business card, your storefront, your top sales rep, or even all the money you sank into a new corporate identity program that is driving business. Your business is driven by relationships with your customers, partners, and employees.

The new face of your business is the web, and creating exceptional web experiences drive better business outcomes. Anticipating the needs of customers and employees, simplifying the experience, and engaging with them in their communities is the path to getting there.

There are more than two billion Internet users.1 To succeed in this environment, you need to deliver a web experience that not only engages customers, partners, and employees, but also develops relationships that help you market, sell, operate, and manage faster and better than your competition.

NGR web experience solutions enable you to:

  • Lower the costs of serving your customers, partners, and employees
  • Tie together systems, processes, information, content, and collaboration tools
  • Streamline and simplify inefficient, lengthy, and cumbersome processes
  • Empower users with collaboration and mashup tools; user-centric web content control and management; and user-generated eforms


NGR web experience software provides access to critical information and applications that is personalized to users’ needs - available anytime, on any device - to deliver an exceptional experience.