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NGRERP financial management software supports organizations in their compliance efforts through multi-level security with segregation of duties by user, integrated workflow management, and complete master file and transaction audit trails. NGRERP integrates multiple entity companies into a single system and database image, thus providing one central repository of master files, transactions, and their associated audit trails.

With the help of NGRERP, the information technology and accounting departments become a unified internal audit team that facilitates and supports corporate responsibility, accountability, and compliance activities. This integrated approach to data management provides the backbone of compliance reporting for financial and executive management and external auditors.

Audit Trails

NGRERP software provides complete audit support by ensuring that all transactions and database changes are properly authorized and processed. In NGRERP, every screen can be flagged as auditable and can be defined as such by an easy to use system administration table.

Audit Trails Highlights

  • Audit trails are available in detail for both internal and external auditing
  • Audit trails are available for master tables and transaction records
  • The general ledger provides complete recording, integration, and detailed audit controls by accounting entity
  • Audit trails are available to support tracking of general ledger account balances to source transactions
  • Audit trail generates a report of all accruals and reversals
  • Audit trail generates a report of purchase order history and applicable electronic signature approvals