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NGRERP's business intelligence dashboards are designed to make decision support technology easy to use, easy to deploy, and affordable. NGRERP's dashboards provide a consolidated view of data pertinent to the given user’s role within the organization.

NGRERP's business intelligence solution includes a dashboard environment unique to each user featuring reports, graphs, tables, and alerts. This allows users at any organizational level to have key performance indicators that are specific to their job function.

Executives, for example, can view information such as up-to-date financial reports, key performance indicators, organization-wide inventory data, sales and margin by product line, and external data such as commodity prices and leading economic indicators. In addition, business unit managers can review inventory turns per year, day supply on hand, order and line-item service level performance, and financial data specific to their given business unit. Furthermore, a customer service or sales representative can view information such as open sales quotes, open orders, sales history, and outstanding accounts receivable position by customer.