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NGRERP: the right answer for small business

For a business person, accounting is a backwards-looking activity. Looking forward, out the ‘front windscreen’ of your business, you see the next customers to win, to next orders to fulfill, the next payments to collect. By comparison, accounting is what you see in the rear-view mirror: a mundane recording of what has already gone by.

Depressing as it may be for the more sales-oriented types, accounting is still a critical ingredient for business success. Businesses who ignore it or screw it up don’t last very long.

So, getting accounting right is critical for a business, and this means that getting the accounting software right is critical too. And here is where things are now becoming tricky.

NGRERP's accounting functionality is a serious accounting package, offering detailed double-entry accounting, full general ledger capabilities and a custom chart of accounts for dozens of countries. It is a truly international product, supporting multi-currency accounting (including historical currency rates), and supporting dozens of major languages (including pictorial and right to left scripts) and all major date and measurement formats.

For the core accounting capabilities, NGRERP is a serious accounting solution, offering multi-company accounts, cash tracking, P&L generation, income statements, audit trails and detailed reporting on all aspects of the accounts.

NGRERP also supports multiple detailed tax formats, including value added taxes (such as good and services taxes) as well as end-point sales taxes, all configurable for different geographies.

But wait, there’s more!

It is at this point that NGRERP starts to be quite different. In fact, its additional capabilities extend well beyond the normal field of accounting and start to look like aspects of an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

For example, NGRERP has deep capabilities for managing inventory and stocks, including managing stock and re-order levels, item locations, and conversion of standard and overhead costs into material prices. On the sales side, NGRERP handles sales and ordering flows and links these directly into inventory and general ledger. To complete the loop, it also manages and audits supplier payments and accounts payable. For an inventory-based small or medium business, NGRERP may well be the best-fit software solution available. It’s ERP, but with a core of very deep accounting capability.

The effect of this close linkage is a reliable, comprehensive accounting system which has tentacles reaching into every part of the business, in near real-time.

NGRERP is less a rear-mirror view of your business and more a speedometer view of your business.

Comprehensive financial measurement of your business, end-to-end. Just what’s needed for the fast-paced, time-pressed small and medium businesses of today.

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