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Email Marketing

Make targeted email and mobile messages part of your interactive marketing strategy

Marketers rely on email more than any other communication channels. But managing it is difficult. Few organizations have the resources to build the infrastructure and the expertise required to send messages and ensure they make it to customers’ inboxes.  But outsourcing everything to a service provider also has drawbacks. Transferring enough data back and forth to target messages, personalize content and maintain marketing history requires much integration work and slows marketing responsiveness.  Alternatively, using a standalone tool for email makes it harder to provide a seamless cross-channel experience -- not to mention the extra costs incurred.

Specific Services

NGR's Email Marketing service offer the "best of both worlds".  Email marketers can create, preview and test email and mobile campaigns, while NGR handles delivery and deliverability through its on-demand operations.

With NGR, email marketers have everything they need to make highly targeted and personalized email and mobile campaigns part of their cross-channel marketing strategy:

  • Segmentation: allows you to use the full range of your customer data for segmentation, targeting, personalization, and event-triggering
  • Offer management: central, organized repository of offers currently available or previously used in email and mobile campaigns
  • Interaction history: a complete history, for each customer or prospect, of contacts made, offers presented, context and campaign details, and response or non-response – critical to building an effective, ongoing dialogue
  • Robust content creation and management: drag-and-drop assembly of templates, digital assets, and personalization logic
  • Managed delivery: messages are sent through NGR’s on-demand delivery infrastructure
  • Deliverability management: leverage NGR’s tools and expertise to ensure messages get delivered to recipient inboxes and look the way you intend, and protect your email reputation with ISPs
  • Extensive reporting and analysis: deep insight into performance, from delivery metrics to ROI - and even individual-level post-click Web behavior
  • Cross-channel integration: email and mobile messaging woven together with other outbound and inbound channels, both online and offline, creates an interactive marketing dialogue with customers

NGR’s Email Marketing services make email marketing:

  • Faster: fewer steps and less manual data movement
  • Easier: less integration work, delivery and deliverability handled for you, and a single vendor relationship to manage
  • Cheaper: no need to pay premium, full-service prices when you’re doing much of the work yourself
  • Better: synchronization with other outbound and inbound channels enables an interactive, cross-channel dialogue with customers
  • Smarter: a more complete understanding of the revenue that messages drive and deep insight into post-click-through customer behavior
  • NGR enables marketers to create, preview, test, execute, and track email and mobile campaigns and integrate them into effective, cross-channel marketing strategies.