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Event-based Marketing

Respond to customer needs and opportunities at exactly the right time with event-based marketing

All marketers strive to target the right message to each customer. But traditional approaches focus on identifying the best customers for each offer instead of identifying the best offer for each customer. For maximum effect, offers should be presented when customers are most receptive. But determining the most opportune moment can be difficult.

Specific Services

NGR's Event-Based Marketing service is a complete set of capabilities focused on identifying the opportune moment to extend a message to a customer or prospect. Most services can react to a straight-forward changes in customer behavior and deliver an outbound message. But NGR's service does much more. Only NGR has the capability to evaluate high volumes of highly volatile data (e.g., transactional data) in order detect nuanced changes in behavior over time. These "events" detected at the right time, enable marketers to deliver messages in time to take advantage of windows of opportunity or prevent the customer from leaving for a competitor.

NGR's comprehensive Event-Based Marketing service includes:

  • Event detection: identifies retention and cross-sell opportunities detected by monitoring detailed transactional data and other customer behavior for millions of customers simultaneously
  • Campaign management: conducts further prioritization and decision-making to determine what should happen next, then includes customers in outbound campaigns where appropriate
  • Lead management: schedules action through the salesperson or channel best able to follow up in a timely manner

With NGR's Event-Based Marketing service, marketers can:

  • Gain more timely insights into customer needs and opportunities by tracking complex events, behavior patterns, and trends for millions of customers concurrently and alerting marketers to needs and opportunities much sooner than through traditional campaign-focused marketing
  • Improve results and reduce guesswork by eliminating question about who to target, when to target them, and what to offer, instead ensuring that when messages do reach a customer, that customer will be receptive
  • Respond more quickly to opportunities by knowing more about customer needs than the competition, and automatically triggering outreach to customers at the most opportune moments
  • Make an impact immediately using a packaged library of event-based marketing “triggers” to rapidly deploy programs that immediately increase sales and customer loyalty
  • NGR enables marketers to respond at exactly the right time to customers' most important needs and opportunities.