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Interactive Marketing Solutions

Interactive marketing service allows you engage your audience in cross-channel dialogues that build on past and current behaviour

It’s a heady time to be a marketer. You face constant change but also have unprecedented opportunities to reach and engage your buyers.  To succeed, you must adapt your marketing to major new realities:

Marketing channels are evolving at a breakneck pace: as, traditional  and  “push” strategies decline in effectiveness, it is increasingly difficult   to make an impact

Virtually every marketing channel is more addressable: nearly all marketing channels – particularly emerging mobile and social channels -- enable individualized communication. Your buyers expect messages and content that are relevant to their needs – don’t waste the 10 seconds that you have to make an impact

Your customers are increasingly in control: customers can move rapidly between a variety of online and offline channels numerous times before making a buying decision, shifting the balance of power in their favor

To adapt to this changing landscape, you need to shift away from traditional marketing approaches and adopt "interactive marketing,"-- what NGR defines as the practice of engaging each customer and prospect in an interactive dialogue that builds on past and current behavior.

Learn how NGR’s approach to Interactive Marketing can help you engage your customers in meaningful cross-channel dialogues.

Specific Services

NGR's Interactive Marketing service is a complete set of capabilities you can use to engage in newly personal, relevant marketing to conquer today’s inbound-outbound, online-offline, anytime, real-time world.

NGR’s service delivers on four fundamentals that power interactive marketing:

  • Awareness: listening is the key that unlocks understanding what your buyer is saying – explicitly and implicitly – and to figure out what to say next. NGR’s service helps you leverage the comprehensive data that you have to identify actionable opportunities and predict marketing outcomes
  • Decisioning: Imagine having a marketing “brain” that drives consistency while determining the best message and content to extend to each individual regardless of channel. The result? A truly personalized experience across inbound and outbound channels that continues from one interaction to the next.
  • Cross-channel execution: to keep up with today’s savvy buyer, you need to communicate with equal ease across all channels, and manage conversations that continue through many interactions; NGR’s services enable you to do just that.
  • Integrated Marketing Operations: In order for interactive marketing to achieve its promise, you must  manage many “moving parts” and collaborate smoothly across disparate groups throughout your organization;  NGR’s service makes marketing operations an integral part of your process


With NGR, you can put the power of interactive marketing to work:

  • Build better relationships with your buyers by engaging them in relevant, ongoing, responsive dialogs, rather than just blasting them with one-size-fits-all messages
  • Improve marketing results by quickly gaining key insights into your customers and prospects and acting on them
  • Increase the accountability of marketing investments by closely tying your  marketing initiatives to bottom line results
  • Reduce costs by improving and automating your marketing processes and reducing waste through better visibility into and management of your  marketing activities
  • NGR's Interactive Marketing service turns your passion for marketing into business success.