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Lead Management

Generate, nurture and convert quality leads into loyal customers with lead management service

Generating highly qualified, sales-ready leads is harder than ever. It doesn't help that most marketers are trying to do so using a mix of disconnected technologies and manual processes. The result is disjointed marketing, inadequate sales coordination, uninterested prospects, and missed revenues.

Specific Services

NGR's Lead Management service is a complete set of capabilities for generating leads and converting them into loyal customers:

  • Lead Generation: generate new leads by executing targeted, personalized and integrated campaigns with NGR's market-leading campaign management capabilities
  • Lead Scoring: consolidate leads from multiple sources, cleanse and enrich them with transactional, response and Web behavioral data or any other information, and score them using business rules or predictive models
  • Lead Nurturing: place leads that are not sales-ready into automated, lead-nurturing campaigns that educate prospects and move them along in the buying cycle using tactics as simple or complex as needed including multi-wave, multi-step, and cross-channel campaigns
  • Lead Routing: route leads automatically to a sales force, call center, channel partners or any other group or business system using highly flexible and easily-defined business rules that incorporate sophisticated analytics, capacity constraints, regional overlays, and product group or segment hierarchies
  • Lead Monitoring and Analysis: quickly generate reports with exactly the information needed by marketers, such as lead generation ROI and responses
  • Lead Generation Planning: manage lead generation budgets, coordinate project calendars, ensure approvals are completed on time and store assets for easy access and re-use


With NGR's Lead Management service, marketers can improve every aspect of the lead management process and also:

  • Improve the quality of leads passed to sales
  • Decrease costs by using one platform to automate the execution of lead management processes
  • Increase revenues by acting promptly on qualified leads and nurturing others until they are ready
  • NGR enables marketers to generate, nurture, and convert quality leads into loyal customers.