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Marketing Operations

Marketing operations - improve planning, budgeting and operational management of all marketing programs

In today’s rapidly evolving marketing environment, time-to-market and cost control are paramount to the success of every marketing organization. But working faster or more cost effectively cannot negatively impact the quality of work. On the contrary, marketers are under pressure to improve the ROI of every marketing program, ensuring that marketing invesments are allocated in the optimal way to maximize returns.

Specific Services

NGR’s Marketing Resource Management service is a complete set of capabilities for managing the growing operational complexities marketers face today. Available through an enterprise software or on-demand deployment model, NGR provides everything marketers need to manage better their marketing operations:

  • Budgeting and forecasting: define budgets, create different budget versions for comparison before finalizing decisions, define performance objective, then adjust plans as needed over time and see the impact of dialing spend up and down
  • Expense management: manage all aspects of marketing expenses from cost center definition to purchase order generation to invoice processing
  • Standardized workflow: define best-practice workflows and processes and ensure everyone on the marketing team uses them
  • Online approvals and electronic proofing: automate the review process by using business rules to route approvals, and do proofing and mark-up of documents, images and website pages, ensuring sign-offs are properly obtained and audit trails are logged to meet regulatory compliance
  • Digital asset management: manage all of the organization’s digital assets in a secure asset library with powerful custom attribute tracking, graphical views, and version control
  • Flexible calendaring: access a user-friendly, searchable calendar that can be filtered by brand, business unit, product, geography, or other dimension.
  • Reporting and analysis: use pre-built reports or define custom reports with an easy-to-use report editor


With NGR's Marketing Resource Management service, marketers can improve every aspect of their marketing operations:

  • Manage and coordinate all marketing activities in one place by using a central collaboration platform for sharing information and tracking project status and performance across all marketing activities
  • Improve decision-making, minimize risk through greater visibility into everything happening in marketing and all money being spent
  • Ensure strategic goals and marketing activities are aligned by centralizing strategic goals, marketing plans, and budgets to promote clarity of agreed-upon objectives and tactics
  • Enhance collaboration for cross-channel campaigns with a standardized workflow that coorcdinates the processes of all the disparate groups involved in cross-channel marketing
  • Increase re-use of existing work by enabling marketers to capture the work done for one program in a way that makes it easily re-used elsewhere
  • Achieve faster, lower-cost execution of all marketing activities because project schedules and assets are centralized, approvals are automated, workloads are balanced and bottlenecks are easily avoided
  • Ensure compliance with centralized repository that combines online audit trails and easily produced reports for corporate or regulatory auditors
  • NGR enables marketers to improve planning, budgeting and operational management of all marketing programs.