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Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing - Target each customer and prospect with precisely the right message

Today’s customers and prospects are inundated with more and more marketing messages.  To cut through the clutter, marketers must work harder to communicate in a highly targeted and personalized manner. The increased volume and complexity of campaigns this represents can be a daunting prospect for marketing teams already spread thin.

Specific Services

NGR's Outbound Marketing service is the market-leader for managing the growing complexity of marketing campaigns.  NGR has worked with number of the world's leading marketers to improve their outbound marketing efforts and optimize results.  

NGR offers a complete set of outbound marketing capabilities:

  • Campaign management: create, test, optimize, deploy and analyze multi-wave, multi-channel, personalized campaigns that deliver relevant marketing messages across all touchpoints and in real-time, resulting in improved customer relationships
  • Integrated email marketing: leverage NGR's market-leading campaign management capabilities to design and send permission-based, personalized e-mail communications that can be integrated into a complete cross-channel strategy
  • Contact optimization: determine the optimal interaction strategy for each customer over time by looking across scheduled communications and balancing customer preferences with corporate rules and objectives to ensure the best communication is sent at the right time
  • Event detection: monitor customer transactions and other detailed data for patterns indicating something has happened to make a customer particularly receptive to an outbound message, such as a cross-sell offer or retention message
  • Integrated online behavioral data: access and use data on each customer and prospect's behavior on your Web site, to improve targeting of outbound marketing messages
  • Predictive analytics: predict how customers will respond to various offers to improve targeting of outbound messages and the effectiveness and cost efficiency of marketing campaigns
  • Visual customer analytics: explore customer data using interactive visualizations to find insights and launch campaigns targeting selected groups
  • Distributed marketing: enable field marketers, channel partners, agents and other authorized users run their own targeted marketing campaigns or opt their local contacts into corporate campaigns, all while staying within the boundaries and best practices set by corporate marketing


With NGR's Outbound Marketing service, marketers can improve every aspect of the outbound marketing lifecycle:

  • Increase response rates and improve marketing effectiveness through better targeting and message personalization
  • Maximize productivity and minimize risk with role-specific user interfaces and a library of best practice elements such as segments, offers, templates, reports, etc.
  • Measure marketing performance in real-time and use results in future campaigns to enhance results
  • Manage and coordinate all interactions with customers and prospects with a single, integrated application
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and data with NGR's open, scalable architecture
  • NGR enables marketers to target each customer and prospect with precisely the right outbound marketing message.