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Web Analytics

Web Analytics - Improve website and digital marketing performance with deep insight into online behavior

Optimizing your online marketing efforts isn’t easy. You may have access to lots of reports that offer good summary data, but find it very difficult to drill down and "slice-and-dice" data to answer important questions about your site visitors. Without the ability to easily test and analyze your results, how can you understand personal customer behavior and optimize website and campaign performance?

Taking the next step to link your web data to your customer data and improve customer communications prompts more questions. How much of your company’s offline business is influenced by the Web? What‘s the impact of a catalog, social media or direct marketing effort on web traffic and conversion rates?  How do you target the right customers and prospects with relevant messages based on their recent web behavior? How do you remarket to customers that have visited your site, and left without purchasing?

With NGR’s next-generation web analytics services you can leverage web analytics as a rich source of behavioral insights on individual prospects and customers. You can track far more than who visited your web properties, but also capture how they responded to your online campaigns and social media efforts. You can then easily link this behavioral insight to your data mart, and take action based on this enhanced picture of your customers and prospects.


NGR web experience software provides access to critical information and applications that is personalized to users’ needs - available anytime, on any device - to deliver an exceptional experience.