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ERP Upgrades: Don’t Turn the Upgrade Process into Another ERP Implementation

To continue to achieve a return on investment in the years following ERP implementation, manufacturers and distributors should be sure to take advantage of future software enhancements and upgrades to their ERP application. All too often, the organization becomes bogged down in the company’s daily operations and puts software upgrades on the backburner. When this occurs year after year, the software that serves as the information and transactional backbone of the enterprise becomes outdated and puts the organization at a competitive disadvantage, as technology and the mechanisms in which businesses interact with customers is constantly evolving.

When beginning the software upgrade process, NGR customers existing production environment of NGRERP is compared to the latest software release, and all prior customer-specific enhancements and configurations are migrated into the newest release of NGRERP. From there, the new version of NGRERP is installed, and the customer begins to enact a thorough test plan. This test plan consists of completing a number sample transactions (in a test environment) to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met before beginning to conduct business with the most recent release of NGRERP.

Unlike many annual maintenance agreements that charge organizations additional software license fees for future software upgrades, NGR’s solution includes all future updates and upgrades to NGRERP at no additional cost. This philosophy enables NGR's customers to continue to realize a return on investment long after their implementation of NGRERP and allows NGR's customers to take advantage of the latest software technology for their business without hidden fees or complex financing offers.

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Monday, 22 April 2024